Since its foundation in 1902, the Graduate School of Business Administration has played an important role in both academia and the business world as a higher-education center for management studies in Japan. In April 2013, we introduced a new M.A./Ph.D. program called the SESAMI program, based on many accomplishments throughout the university’s distinguished history.

The program aims to develop human resources that have leadership in the global community with rigorous academic training in English. The SESAMI program is characterized as a distinguished program that focuses on the areas of strategic entrepreneurship, sustainability alliance management, and strategic management.

Given its success, the Master’s program of SESAMI was developed into the Global Master Program in Business, Economics, and Law in April 2015 to broaden the scope of studies and strengthen global leadership education. The Master’s program is now formally known as “GMAP in Management.”

Since its introduction, we have accepted diverse students from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas as well as Japan; they have completed the Master’s program, and some have advanced to the Ph.D. program. The SESAMI program also provides opportunities for joint research with invited lecturers and faculty members.

Our hope is to both produce researchers for the global academic community and to supply global leaders in business practices. We expect the program to be of practical use through its contributions to the ongoing business world.

The Dean of Graduate School of Business Administration
Katsuhiko Kokubu